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My photography is fascinated by the link between the moving camera of cinema and the quality of the still photographic image. For me there are no rules and I freely move between both mediums ,merging wherever possible. I look for themes, ideas,colours,light,shadow in a range of subjects that express my eye on the world and life around me. Whether it be a beautiful reflection of colour in a murky surface of light rippled water or a spontaneous look from a friend or family, all are subjects I love. Architecture and design fascinate and my photography looks for the interaction of life with the still innate  beauty of buildings. Occasionally abstractions blur the field between truth and illusion.There is always far more drama in life than most cameras can see and it is the thrill of my photography to capture and create as much of this as is possible.


My most important influence is that of photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson who had a kind and caring mind as well as a great eye for composition and framing. I rarely crop images as the full frame and space which link the  subject and objects of the image are all taken into account before i press any button. I also rarely manipulate or digitally alter images unless this is the intention of the image.

fish photo on flyer (1).jpg
dublin 049.jpg
cambersands 008 alan and colours.jpg


FIRST OUT Centre Point Gallery West End

MARIO'S CAFE Gallery Kentish Town

FLAXON PTOOTCH Gallery Kentish Town

557 SHADOWS St Pancras Church Crypt Gallery Euston

CONFERENCE CENTRE St Pancras Hospital Gallery including Loudest Whispers exhibitions


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